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Welcome to Byblos Budapest, where flavors from the heart of the Middle East meet the vibrant charm of the Hungarian capital. Situated in the heart of Budapest, we take pride in creating an unforgettable culinary journey that bridges cultures and ignites taste buds.

At Byblos, we are passionate about bringing the authentic essence of Lebanese cuisine to the heart of the city. Our menu showcases a harmonious fusion of traditional recipes with a modern twist, carefully curated to delight both the seasoned food enthusiast and the adventurous diner. From our fragrant kebabs to our exquisite mezze platters, each dish is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor.

Our restaurant is more than just a dining experience; it's a celebration of heritage, hospitality, and the art of savoring every moment. Our warm and inviting ambiance invites you to gather with friends and family, as you embark on a culinary journey that reflects the richness of the Levant.

At Byblos Budapest, we are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere where every guest feels like part of our extended family. Our team is dedicated to providing attentive service, ensuring that your dining experience is not only enjoyable but also memorable.

Whether you're seeking an intimate dinner for two or a lively gathering with loved ones, we invite you to discover the vibrant flavors and traditions that define Byblos Budapest. Join us as we embark on a culinary voyage that unites cultures through a shared love of food.

Experience the taste of Lebanon, embrace the spirit of Budapest, and create lasting memories at Byblos.

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Introducing Our Chefs

Meet the culinary maestros behind the flavors of Byblos Budapest. With a passion for creativity
and an unwavering dedication to their craft, our chefs bring the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine to life on every plate..


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We recommend booking a table to secure your spot and ensure a delightful dining experience. Reserve now for an unforgettable meal!

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24 : 00
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12 : 00
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